Attention Dedicated Martial Artist:: A Makiwara can Triple Your Punching Power!

How to Make A Makiwara Board for Less Than $26

how to make a makiwara
  • Now you can have a makiwara board without spending a fortune. 
  • You can make your own makiwara in the privacy of your home, in just a few hours.
  • Begin training now and have fists of steel in just a few weeks.
  • You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars in order to get the same results as an expensive, store-bought makiwara.

Now You Can Have the Plans to Make Your Own Makiwara Board for Less Than $26

  • You will start developing the punching power of a freight train almost immediately.
  • Imagine how shocked you opponent will be when you pound him into the ground with your powerful fists.
  • You can have the benefits of a professionally made makiwara without having to pay rediculous amounts of money.
  • The supplies cost less than $26 if you make it yourself... or you can pay $300 or more to have someone else build you one. It's your choice.
  • The system is really easy to follow In about 2-3 hours from the time you download the Ultimate Makiwara Creator, you will be pounding your fists into shape.
  • You now have the ability to have makiwara training in the privacy of your own home so you don't have to be nervous about training in front of people.
  • Imagine the faces of your fellow students when they see the progress you have made from forging your fists into bricks!
  • This is an all-digital product that can be downloaded instantly, no waiting for shipping, no paying for postage, no crappy customer service.
  • If you have some basic knowledge of hand tools you will no problem making your own Ultimate Makiwara board with these simple instructions.

"A dojo without a makiwara is nothing more than a dance school!"

Here's what the masters say

"Technically speaking, makiwara training builds strength and power the same way hitting the heavy bag does for a boxer. Consistent practice has developed punches that registered close to 2000 lbs. per square inch. This is as high as humanly possible. Training for speed and form is not true karate training and any experienced karate person can tell the difference between someone who hits the makiwara and someone who does not."
~Teruyuki Okazaki"

I do not know of any karate men who do not hit the makiwara."
~Shoshin Nagamine

"Do you honestly think you will develop an iron fist by punching at thin air during training?"

Thursday, 8:45pm
From The Desk of Joshua Black:

Dear fellow martial artist,

I have taken all the guesswork out of the process of creating an easy-to-make makiwara at home. 

Just like you, I was looking for some instructions on how to build my own, low-cost makiwara for personal training, but I could not find any designs out there that would be strong enough for what I wanted.

I decided to take matters in my own hands and for 3 months I messed around in the garage with a ton of different makiwara board designs until I came up with The Ultimate Makiwara. 

At first I was just going to keep the design for myself and just use it in my own training, but I decided to do something different. 

I really enjoy helping people, and I wanted to share my design with all students of martial arts.

6 months later I had the system created, the website designed, and here we are.  I know you will like it.

This is the 6th design version that I came up with.
All previous versions were either not solid enough, looked totally ugly, or were too expensive to build compared to The Ultimate Makiwara. 

This makiwara board design has been “life tested” before showing it to you, by taking over 10,037 punches without needing any major adjustments.

This is not one of the phoney clapper-type makiwaras that are sold in martial arts supply catalogs all over.  These provide way too much resistance, and they can injure your hands permanently. 

This is not a couple of 2 x 4's that you bury in the dirt!  Who wants to train outside in the snow or the rain?

This is a simple step-by-step plan to teach you to create the same makiwara board that I train with at home.

Everything in this system uses basic hardware and lumber that you can find at almost any building supply store in the country. 

develop punching power

Actual Photo of My Personal Ultimate Makiwara-
Over 10,037 Strikes Later and Still Standing Strong!

(the photo is deliberately poor quality to prevent imposters from stealing this idea)
(actual photos in the system are of very high quality)

With the Ultimate Makiwara Creator, you get the following:

  • You get step by-step instructions for creating your own makiwara board using simple, household tools and techniques. These instructions are full of color photos that explain everything you need to know in order to create your own, rock-solid makiwara.
  • You get a supply list that details all of the part you will need, with estimated costs
  • You get a progress chart that you can print out and hang in your training area to note your progress as you perform more repetitions with practice

4 Free Bonuses Also Included:

I have reached in my archives and I also include the following 4 free bonuses, because I want you to be completely convinced and thrilled with your purchase:

  • You get 3 separate reports on Bruce Lee’s various fighting methods
  • You get a guide to pressure points and how to use them against an attacker, an excellent addition to your martial arts library
  • You get a guide to herbal teas that have various natural healing properties, perfect for recovering from tough workouts
  • You get The Physics of Fighting, scientific study that examines the science behind martial arts techniques

It's all yours for the taking.  I really want you to be successful with your training and I want to provide as much help as I can.


joshua blackpunching
Joshua Black-Creator of The Ultimate Makiwara

P.S. It's time to begin your training.  Go ahead and try the system out risk-free. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  The price will not stay this low for long.  Just imagine what your opponents will say when you can punch with the power of a freight train!

Download it Now, the Entire System is Only $9.97

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"You could pay a lot more for a mass-produced makiwara board, but why would you want to?"

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

"Is this makiwara design indestructible?" No, but it's pretty close. In the system I will explain to you how to create spare makiwara board in case you do break them, but the idea is not to break the board.  The idea is to focus your intensity and power, not to just excercise brute force. 

However, this makiwara board is designed to be bulldog-tough.  It was designed by a martial artist, for martial artists on a budget.  This is the same design I use for my own training.

My makiwara board has held up to thousands of strikes without breaking and yours should too, but I've also included directions for spare parts in case you do break it.

"I saw something in a catalog that looked like a pillow and they called it a makiwara." Although they are inexpensive, wall-hung makiwara boards are absolute garbage, and are not true makiwaras.  Although they make a nice Hollywood clapping sound when you hit them, they do not provide any rebound to the punch.  You can seriously hurt yourself by punching against a completely rigid surface.

"Most makiwaras have uniqe parts. Where in the heck am I going to find the parts to make my own makiwara board?"  Glad you asked.  That was one of the main goals of creating this system.  Unless you live in the middle of absolutely nowhere, you should be able to find all of the supplies easily and inexpensively.

"I am not the greatest woodworker.  Can I really build my own makiwara?"  If you can use a circular saw, a screwdriver, a tape measure, and a few other hand tools, you will have your makiwara board in no time.

"What if I need help while I am building my makiwara board?" With the Ultimate Makiwara Creator, you don't just get a field-tested product, you also get me. I am always available via email if you ever get into trouble.  Even then, if you are still not satisfied, there is always the 100% rock-solid guarantee.

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There's more to it than just the motions

"A dojo without a makiwara is nothing more than a dance school!"  ~Anonymous

"Hitting the makiwara in a method reminiscent of a willow branch snapping in the wind, but holding the final point of contact as firmly as a piece of steel rod for a brief time, developed a type of focused strike easily recognized as the thrusting punch of karate-jutsu."
~Choki Motobu (1871-1944)

Let's recap on what's included in the system:

The step-by-step guide for creating your own Ultimate Makiwara

The Ultimate Makiwara materials list

The Ultimate Makiwara training progress chart

Also Included (some people are angry that I am giving all this away for free as a bonus):

Bonus #1  -A Guide to pressure points, a perfect addition to any martial arts' library

Bonus #2  -3 special reports on utilizing Bruce Lee's fighting secrets

Bonus #3  -The Ultimate Collection of Herbal Tea Remedies, with  a recipe for many ailments

Bonus #4  -A report on the Physics of Fighting


This month it's only $9.97 for the whole course, because I want everyone to be able to afford their own makiwara for proper punching training

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The Ultimate Makiwara Creator No-Holds-Barred 100% "Better-than-Risk-Free," Down-and-Dirty Guarantee

You don't have to decide now.  Download the system, kick the tires, and try it out.  Follow the instructions and create your own Ultimate Makiwara board.  Even after you have trained awhile, and punched it until you can't punch anymore, I will still refund your money if you are not satisfied at any time in the next 60 days.  Even if you never got around to building the Ultimate Makiwara, but you feel that it might not meet your needs, let us know and we will give you a 100% refund, no questions asked.  You can also keep all of the bonuses just for giving the system a fair try. You have nothing to lose.

"Yes Josh, I am ready to create my own makiwara board for ultimate fists of steel!"

I am ready to download the Ultimate Makiwara Creator system and I can have it instantly, at any time.

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